What is CVI?


Our website is akin to a multi-media text book and journal that’s regularly updated. These three sections are a bit like an encyclopaedia for the website. The aim of these sections is to help you to come to understand CVI, and through this knowledge, to help you start to gain insights into how people with CVI perceive the world, as they see it – as their ‘normal’.

  • STEP 1: Understanding CVI
    This section explains the key areas of Cerebral Visual Impairment (CVI) including visual acuity, contrast sensitivity, seeing colour, the visual fields, the process of visual attention and visually mapping the surroundings, as well as the process of recognition.
  • STEP 2: Assessing CVI
    The ideas outlined here show you how to observe, check out and think about a person’s visual experiences for yourself, so that you can start to make sure that everything shown or communicated is made perceivable through vision or the other senses, making it all accessible and so, learnable.
  • STEP 3: Supporting CVI
    This website aims to help all those affected by CVI, to help and support them through knowledge and understanding. This section features ideas and strategies provided by our CVI community which includes parents, carers and those affected by CVI, as well as professionals from the fields of education, medicine and psychology.


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About Us

At CVI Scotland we are devoted to helping people understand cerebral visual impairments, and together working towards developing the understanding of this complex condition.