What is CVI?



This section is our encyclopaedia where describe the different CVIs in detail.

If you are new to CVI and want to learn, we suggest you start with our Lessons. This series of lessons has been written to teach about CVI using short, simple, step by step tutorials.

CVI is complicated; there is no point trying to say otherwise. There are many different cerebral visual impairments, and it is common for a person to be affected by more than one.

Some elements of CVI have been described as very dynamic; these vary, seeming to show extraordinary ranges from useful vision to blindness...sometimes within the space of a few seconds.

The many examples used throughout the sections have been provided to us as first-hand accounts.

Try to apply what you are learning to the person with CVI. They are unique, their world is unique, and with your new knowledge you should be able to help and support them far more effectively. The more you learn and apply this knowledge the more you will understand. Over time you will master the topic and realise that CVI does not just affect the person's visual world, but their whole being — who they were, who they are and who they can be in the future. Only by mastery of the subject can you best direct/give the support necessary to aid learning and development needed for the person to reach their full potential.

The starting point has to be the individual.

Our website aims to inform those with CVI and everyone supporting them, about how CVI can affect vision.

We have intentionally not taken a medical perspective, because for most, medical input stops once a diagnosis has been given.

Instead we have focused on the subjective experiences of living with CVI, and enjoying life to the full. CVI is simply a label that explains an alternative way of being. One to be explained, enjoyed, and even celebrated.

All the information given has been carefully researched. To the best of our knowledge it is scientifically and medically correct, and is complemented by biographical information provided both by parents and by those affected, which adds personal experience to the medical approach and perspective.


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