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Left Temporal Lobe

Store for our memories of symbols and systems.

The left hand side of our brain is often called the 'logical' side, as opposed to the right 'creative side'.

On the left side we have:

  • Letters
  • Words
  • Numbers
  • Symbols
  • Equations
  • Codes
  • Passwords
  • Processes
  • Maps (not routes)
  • Shapes.

Think of the letter 'J'. Compare your understanding of the letter 'J' to that of the journey you just imagined in the previous section

For recognition you still have to go through the same process of experience to forming a memory, but it is not the same organic, free-flowing multi-layered experience.

Successful Left Temporal Recognition process:


Experience - Learning addition at school.

I know the number '2' and can count to 20, the teacher is showing me that the + sign means counting both the numbers together, and the total number goes after the sign =


Memory - I repeat the experience many times with different numbers I know.

+ =

Recognition - If I see the symbols + or = I understand (recognise) that they mean to add together, and equals, and I know how to do it. I recognise both the symbols and the mathematical process.

Our left filing cabinet / left temporal lobeOur left filing cabinet / left temporal lobe


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