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Landscape (going on an open country walk) ConnorLandscape (going on an open country walk) Connor

Connor (CVI Classification 1) as described by his mother:

This is really interesting as we go on a lot of country walks. If Connor is somewhere new he doesn't like it, and quickly becomes agitated. However, when returning to the same place which has been previously established as calm and quiet (thus safe) Connor relaxes. There is nothing I can see that would draw Connor's visual attention, but in a strange way I wonder whether not having anything specifically to look at actually helps him see more. Connor would be on his father's shoulders or being pushed in an all-terrain chair, and when out and about in quiet open countryside he relaxes and looks around, in a way that he doesn't and can't elsewhere. Connor has poor visual acuity so would not see the surroundings with our clarity, but I think (although can't know for sure) that it might be more like this (above right). It's so strange comparing the images, it's almost as though where there's less to see he can see more.


Landscape (going on an open country walk) MaryLandscape (going on an open country walk) Mary

Mary (CVI Classification 3) writes:

I find open spaces like this really relaxing. They make me feel calm and peaceful, which means I am able to use my vision more. When there are no pop-out visual elements to draw my attention, I do not feel so pressured to constantly scan and search the visual scene. In natural environments that are really quiet with no one around, it is almost as if I don't have CVI at all. I can use my vision to look at many different elements and might even be able to spot a bird in the trees if someone was directing me to where to look. My favourite location is the beach and I often find myself drawn to a beach landscape if I am feeling extremely stressed. Even if I am not familiar with a beach location, I would still class it as a safe place.


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