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Left & Right Temporal Lobes

Left and Right Working Together

You should now have a very basic understanding of how the process of recognition works, and the difference between the memories, knowledge and information stored on the left and right sides of your brain.

Next is to look at how they work together.

Do you recognise this?Do you recognise this?

It's a rare butterfly called a Blue Nawab.

You may not have recognised the actual butterfly (unless you are a butterfly expert), but you would probably have recognised it as a butterfly, by its shape alone (left filing cabinet).

This recognition would have been supported by the location (on a leaf), and bright colours. The overall recognition of the butterfly comes from the right filing cabinet, but wouldn't have been possible without the recognition of the shape from the left filing cabinet.The two filingcabinets are completely separate, but work together.

Look at the pictures below - what do you recognise?

What memories from your left and right filing cabinets helped you recognise?

  • It's a white car
  • It's a sports car
  • It's an Aston Martin
  • It's a 1965 Aston Martin DB5 Convertible

  • It's a triangle with a line one side and colours the other
  • It's a triangle with a line and the spectrum
  • It's an album cover
  • It's Dark Side of the Moon album cover by Pink Floyd

  • It's a flower
  • It's a rose
  • It's an Osiria Rose

  • It's a living creature
  • It's a bird
  • It's a Kiwi
  • It's a Kiwi, the national symbol for New Zealand

Left & Right RecognitionLeft & Right Recognition

Notice how heavily your right side memories rely on visual information.

It would follow that if the visual information was not always reliable or complete, due to CVI, the person would find right side recognition more challenging.


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