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8. Simultanagnostic Vision and Strengthening Behaviours

The following environmental factors may ease the challenges created by simultanagnostic vision:

  • Being somewhere known and familiar
  • Being with known people
  • Being allowed sufficient time
  • A quiet environment
  • Lack of clutter

How you are feeling can also have a positive impact, and mean that the effects of simultanagnostic vision are reduced or minimised, including:

  • Feeling calm and relaxed
  • Feeling well, rested and comfortable
  • Feeling positive and optimistic

This is the flip-side of the destructive behaviours, and we call these optimum behaviours strengthening behaviours.

We have separated destructive and strengthening behaviours, because each can have a profound impact on the challenges the person with simultanagnostic vision faces. These behaviours result from both the effects of the physical environment, and the internal feelings of the person, and when combined, may be confusing.


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