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Conclusions (Simultanagnosia Spectrum Mixer -Board Section)

In this section, we have not introduced anything new, we have however re-organised what we have explained in a different way to the previous sections, into a succinct eight point list.

The mixer board system of thinking shows us how simultanagnostic vision can and does change all the time, as it is affected by everything the person feels and does. This is just one mixer-board, CVI is a spectrum of spectrums, and each individual spectrum, like the simultanagnosia spectrum, will have its own range of experiences and behaviours, unique to each individual, and constantly varying.

It may at first seem too complicated to be of any practical use, but over time, with understanding, it becomes second nature, as Connor's mother writes

I now almost have a type of parallel vision, mine and Connor's. When out and about with Connor I am mindful of the multiple different elements around us that affect his vision and how he feels. It took time to learn, and I continue to learn more every day, however it is unquestionably worth the effort. I instinctively know if a sudden sound, or movement will be too much for him, and take appropriate action. I also know when he is tired, or not enjoying himself, and always respect this. I don't always get it right, but am getting better and better at it, and Connor trusts me. As a result, he is much more confident to explore, and this has opened up a new world for both of us, to enjoy together.


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