What is CVI?



You have gone on a journey through the visual brain.

Section 1 was in the occipital lobes, and in relation to movement, the middle temporal lobes.

In Section 2 we travelled on the dorsal stream, to the posterior parietal lobes

Then in Section 3 we travelled on the ventral stream to the temporal lobes.

This is your visual brain.

The Principal Regions of the Brain, Gordon N Dutton, Vision and the Brain, AFB Press, 2015

The order is very important and we will be following the same order throughout this website.

This diagram of a tree (below) starts at the roots with the image as the eyes see it, and follows a pathway up, initially through the occipital lobes, where the image is given its visual field, visual acuity, colour and contrast. The image then travels upwards along the dorsal and ventral streams.

Tree of Vision: The Principal Functions of the Visual System and How They Are Connected, Gordon N Dutton, Vision and the Brain, AFB Press, 2015

Each individual with CVI will have a unique pattern.

In the following sections we are going to help you find the pattern.

Identifying their pattern is the first step in learning to understand, and thus help and support the person with CVI.


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