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Eight things everyone needs to know...

  • 1. Everything you can do, you have learnt. Like learning to talk, learning to dress and feed yourself, learning to make friends, learning what music you like, and learning to read. Learning doesn't just happen at school!
  • 2. We learn from what happens to us. We do this with our five senses - sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell.
  • 3. If something is not visible to us, we can't learn from what it looks like. If something can't be heard we can't learn from what it sounds like. This is the same for the other senses.
  • 4. There are a lot of reasons why things may not be be seen or heard. These can be found on this website.
  • 5. Whenever you are with a person with CVI, you need to think about what they can see and understand, not what you can see and understand. This means you must know and understand how CVI is affecting that one person, as this is different from every other person with CVI.
  • 6. The more you make things visible and understandable, the more the person with CVI will learn.
  • 7. Just seeing or hearing something doesn't mean you understand it. If you see something new it often needs to be explained to be understood. This means that you will probably have to do a lot of things differently to help the person with CVI learn, and that is at home, at school and out and about. And not just you, but everyone around the person with CVI.
  • 8. You and the person with CVI you are with, will both get out what you both put in.

The more you learn, and the more you help the person with CVI to learn, by making their world more visible, accessible, understandable and memorable, the more they will progress and everyone will be happier.

Happy people learn best!


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At CVI Scotland we are devoted to helping people understand cerebral visual impairments, and together working towards developing the understanding of this complex condition.