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Conclusion - Dorsal Stream Dysfunction


Simultanagnosia, Optic Ataxia and lack of visual attention work closely together, and for the greatest benefit need to be understood in terms of their interconnecting relationship, combined with the behaviours that develop from the challenges the person will face.

The storyboard below follows a very simple ambition - a child wanting to climb a ladder in a park. It explains the challenges they face and how it makes them feel. Here there is also a lower visual field impairment, which is common with this particular group of visual impairments.

These visual impairments, are collectively referred to as dorsal stream dysfunction. They occur when there is dysfunction or has been injury to the posterior parietal lobes of the brain. They often go undetected because those affected tend to be unaware of their difficulties, and the resulting behaviours are understandably interpreted as behavioural disorders, rather than natural reactions to the way the child sees

Connor's Ladder

It has been my experience in life that where there's a brightly coloured ladder, somewhere near the top is a slide.

I have a lower visual field impairment, so this is what it looks like to meI have a lower visual field impairment, so this is what it looks like to me

I also have simultanagnosia, and having seen the red ladder, nothing can take my attention away from it, here's what it looks like.

I tried to climb the ladder, but as I reached for the red rung with my hand it wasn't there, I nearly fell over. I have optic ataxia, and I can't understand why, if I can see something, I can't touch it. I am actually standing about two meters back from the ladder. I feel sad and confused, and hold my mum's hand, but still want to climb the ladder. Then something happens, I'm not sure what it was. Something came very close and made a loud noise, I'm really scared and want mum to pick me up. Hey! Where did my ladder go???

I just want to go home, I'm scared and I'm sad because I lost my ladder, I just want to go home. If anyone tried to make me go back to that place I will scream and cry and fight if I have to, I just want to go home.


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