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Simulated Images -Roadside Kerb

These images (made with a beta version of SightSim software), give an approximate indication of how someone with the measured levels of vision shown sees when compared with someone with typical vision.

If standing on the pavement, your feet would be on the kerb (in the bottom third of this image). The kerb is sharp and steep, the drop is 10cm.

Unedited ImageUnedited Image

Visual Acuity 0.5 (or 6/19 20/63)Visual Acuity 0.5 (or 6/19 20/63)

Visual Acuity 0.8 (or 6/38 20/125)Visual Acuity 0.8 (or 6/38 20/125)

Visual Acuity 1.2 (or 6/95 or 20/320)Visual Acuity 1.2 (or 6/95 or 20/320)

The following pictures, based on the unedited image at the top of this page, have been simulated by a beta version of SightSim to show approximately how the image would look to someone with reduced levels of contrast sensitivity.


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At CVI Scotland we are devoted to helping people understand cerebral visual impairments, and together working towards developing the understanding of this complex condition.