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Amelia’s Great Climb Level 3

This section is all about recognition, and whether, in addition to the challenges we know Amelia has, she also has difficulties recognising things. Following extensive discussions with Amelia's mother, we can find no evidence that any of Amelia's learning challenges are due to problems with recognition. Where Amelia shows difficulty, it is because some or all of the factors we have mentioned have not been adjusted to accommodate Amelia's needs, for example:

  • The environment has been cluttered
  • Part or all of the information is in Amelia's lower or left visual fields
  • Amelia has not been allowed enough time

This tells us something very positive however. It tells us that Amelia has a great capacity to learn, and thus should have the same ambitions in life as all other children. The accommodations we have made are easy to incorporate into most environments requiring no expense, other than a little time and consideration.

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