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Amelia’s Great Climb Further Suggestions

We learnt a lot about Amelia writing this section. When considering her lack of fear of falling, we asked whether Amelia has any fears at all, Amelia answered

I get afraid when people shout at me, I don't like it, sometimes when they shout very loud and roar at me, my heart starts beating loud, I can hear it and I try not to cry.

We know that Amelia does not live in an environment where she is roared at, or even shouted at, however, we also know she can struggle with interpreting auditory information (see Cerebral Auditory Impairments). For example, a child in Amelia's class may raise their voice directed at another child, and Amelia may feel that she is being shouted at. This consideration needs to be added to the list of simple accommodations to ensure Amelia is able to

  • feel safe
  • feel happy
  • feel confident
  • learn

Amelia sustained a brain injury as a young child, and still has memories of life before her injury. Amelia's mother was advised that as she was young she would 'get over it' and forget, but she hasn't...

Amelia sobs when she looks at pictures of her younger self, she won't look at babies, screams at the sight of blood and much more...Amelia becomes paralysed with fear when she has to go to a hospital.

Amelia's mother feels that her daughter has suffered a great trauma, not just a physical injury, but a huge emotional trauma. We have heard from many families that their child has a severe loathing of hospital and clinical environments, perhaps an indication that these early childhood memories continue to haunt them?

Amelia can learn, and she can excel, we have seen that, however no one can learn when they are frightened, and learning is considerably more challenging when a child is sad or stressed or worried. Understanding Amelia's fears and feelings is as important to Amelia's development and outcomes, as understanding her visual world.


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