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The aim of this section is not to repeat medical assessments.

It is to find out all the information that will allow you to accurately imagine what is seen and what is not seen.

In this way, you can make best use of all the person's senses and teach others how to do so too.

Medical assessment of vision is aimed at:

  • making a diagnosis
  • following up whether there is improvement or deterioration
  • to this end it identifies what is wrong and the limits of visual performance

Medical assessment of vision is not usually aimed at:

  • finding out what is seen (by identifying what is not seen)
  • identifying useful vision and how when and where it works best

Which is needed to find out:

  • what is working
  • how this can be best used to help the person to learn, enjoy and be happy

Before starting the assessment section, we need to make a note about Ocular Visual Impairments (OVI), when the impaired sight is due to problems with the eyes and / or optic nerves. It is, of course possible to have both OVI and CVI, and the effect an OVI has on the person's vision needs to be considered in addition to what we learn in this section.

Information on OVI's is widely available, including on the Scottish Sensory Centre's website http://www.ssc.education.ed.ac.uk/resources/vi&multi/eyeconds/list.html

Our assessments will be more effective enjoyable for everyone involved if you consider the following:

  • take your time
  • don't attempt to undertake the assessments in one go or a single session
  • incorporate the assessments into everyday activities
  • the assessments should be fun for everyone and never a chore or stressful
  • people only learn what they're happy


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At CVI Scotland we are devoted to helping people understand cerebral visual impairments, and together working towards developing the understanding of this complex condition.