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Katherine’s Playground Pre-CVI

Relevant Medical Information
Katherine's nerve to the brain from the left eye was pale. This is called optic atrophy. The left eye was also turned in, partly because it did not see well. For some children wearing a patch on the good eye can improve vision. This was tried but it didn't work for Katherine.

Katherine's MRI showed bilateral parietal and occipital injury. This means that both of her occipital lobes and parietal lobes have been affected. Katherine also has diabetes.

What When Where Why How & Who?

  • where / when? Katherine has trouble recognising faces when she is out of her familiar environment
  • who / where / when? She couldn't recognise one of her classroom TA's when we bumped into her during a shopping trip, despite seeing her daily in school. how? Eventually, I think she picked up on her voice but still asked me who that was on leaving.
  • when? When horse-riding Katherine responds to instructions the first time instead of the usual 5-6 times. When she is on a horse, one thing that stands out is her eyes, they no longer look stressed, like she's in fight or flight mode, which is the case when her two feet are on the ground!
  • when? School staff comment that by the afternoon, they can get very little work out of Katherine, she's shut down.
  • where? The school class is small but very cluttered and busy, and they do a lot of changing classrooms for lessons which is hectic.

Other relevant factors:

  • end of day so fatigue
  • playground noisy
  • playground busy and crowded (clutter)
  • Katherine excited to see her mother (heightened emotional state)
  • Katherine moving fast "she ran straight past me" may have dyskinetopsia
  • mum changed routine (standing in a different place)


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