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Katherine’s Playground Level 3

There is a further condition known as face blindness (prosopagnosia) where people are unable to recognise faces, but not due to other visual processing challenges.

To confirm that Katherine does not have prosopagnosia, it would be useful to know whether she can recognise faces in her optimal environment, for example at home, if her mother had a friend of similar height and hair colour, and they sat next to each other, would Katherine be able to easily recognise her mother.

From what we know of Katherine, it would be expected that she could recognise her mother easily. We would also expect that Katherine could identify people from photographs.

Katherine's mother confirms:

"Katherine can recognise immediate family from photographs but if I show her photos of people she hasn't been in contact with for a little while, she's unable to identify them.

This would confirm that Katherine does not suffer from complete prosopagnosia, if she did she would not be able to recognise any of the photographs. It does confirm though that Katherine has challenges recognising faces however, and we should consider ways to support this.


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