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With CVI, learning to read using traditional teaching methods may be challenging, for a number of different reasons (described in the Reading Using Recognition section).

Look is a reading tool, with multiple functions and settings, designed to make reading easier for people with CVI.

Look can be used for all levels of reader, from a non-reader learning to read, to an experienced reader wanting specific settings to read faster and more comfortably.

Look enables the user to insert any text (up to 10,000 words), and adjust the settings, to read a single word on an uncluttered screen, and either change each word manually, or set the speed for Look to present the words automatically at your comfortable reading speed.

To build reading skills, there is the further option to select the number of words you wish to appear on the screen at a time, of more than one, including seeing a whole single sentence at a time.

Look incorporates many settings, some of which you may not be familiar with. The Look: Settings Instructions section explains each setting. There is no optimal setting, this will vary from person to person, and the best approach is to experiment. You may be surprised for example, that you read much more comfortably with smaller text and greater spacing between the letters and a gap between each word, than bigger fonts.

Please read our short section on Reading with Recognition, this approach has proved very successful for some children who find reading difficult due to having to process too many pieces of visual information simultaneously, including the individual letters that come together to make a word.

Look is completely free of charge.

Optimal Environments

Look can be used on tablets, laptops, computers and smartphones. We have tried to keep the visual clutter on the screen to an absolute minimum. The person using Look will be able to focus more effectively if the wider environment is also optimal and clutter free, of both auditory and visual stimulation.

A computer in a quiet corner, facing a blank wall on a clear surface means that nothing else is competing for the child's visual attention other than the screen, enabling greater concentration and focus, and enjoyment.

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