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Look: Settings Instructions

Look Settings Instructions

We have explained the different functions of Look using images of the screen.

The screen appearance may vary slightly depending on whether you are using a full screen computer or smaller tablet or smartphone, however the functions are the same.

June 2020
LOOK was upgraded in June 2020 and a new function was added to 'Save Settings' for future use. The instructions for the new settings are on the next page.

Look Home ScreenLook Home Screen

We recommend that Look is used on Full Screen Mode, this reduces the effect of visual clutter from the computer.

To access and exit the full screen mode:

  • click the letter f or
  • click on Full Screen Mode

We recommend using Look on Full Screen ModeWe recommend using Look on Full Screen Mode


To access the settings menu either click:

  • Click here to get started or
  • Settings

The following menu should appear on the screen

Settings Screen

Inserting Text

Select Pre-Defined Text

This option allows you to copy and paste text from any other website or type your own words in.

We have tested Look with text up to 10,000 words.

We have also selected a few texts for you to experiment with, if desired. For copyright purposes, we are only permitted to show a short amount of the text, however these books are available to purchase as ebooks from various suppliers on-line, and once purchased, can be copied and pasted into the pre-defined text box (above).

For the purpose of these instructions we have selected The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien. Upon making the selection your setting's screen will look like this:

Number of Words on Screen

Your first choice is to select the number of words you wish to appear on the screen at a time. We recommend starting with one.

Text Hinting

This option shows the words immediately before and after the word on screen in a light grey (to be minimally distracting for the reader). This option is useful when someone is helping with the reading, and allows them to anticipate the next word, and adjust their storytelling intonation accordingly.

With text-hinting switched on, when Look is running, this is an example of how the screen will look:

For the purposes of these instructions we are going to leave the text-hinting switched off.

Typeface / Font

There is a choice of six fonts. These have been carefully selected by qualified teachers of the visually impaired who have specific experience and expertise helping children with CVI learn to read and write. To view the other fonts or change the font, just click on the menu, and the text below will change and show you the alternative.

Further information on selecting fonts for people with CVI can be found in our Resources Section (Font Sizes).

We are going to stick with Arial Font for the purpose of these instructions.

Text Size

To change the size of the font, use the sliding scale, or you can use the + and - keys on your keyboard. To help, the word on the screen will increase or decrease as you move the slide up or down, as the images below show:

Font Size 150Font Size 150

Font Size 45Font Size 45

We are going to set our text at 150.

Text Spacing

Text spacing allows you to extend the spaces between the letters in each word.

You will see that all the selections are displayed on the word on the screen:

  • Text Hinting: Off
  • Font: Arial
  • Font Size: 150

By sliding the bar, the spaces between each letter is increased:

Here we have increased the letter spacing to level 15

What you may find, is that with greater spacing between the letters, it is more comfortable to read in a smaller font, for example 100, below:

Maybe even smaller. We recommend experimenting with the settings.

Text Delay & Gap

These settings control the speed the words are presented on screen.

The words can be set to be displayed:

  • automatically, using your preferred settings, or
  • manually


Automatic Text Delay SettingsAutomatic Text Delay Settings

These settings have three levels, which all impact upon each other, so again, you will need to experiment.

1. Text Delay

2. Fixed / Variable Speed

  • Fixed speed gives every word the same amount of time on screen (as set using the text delay option above).
  • Variable Speed entails that longer words have a proportionally longer time on screen.

Fixed and Variable speeds change the experience of the text delay, and it may be that once you have decided on a preference, you need to go back to the text delay slide and increase and decrease it accordingly.

3. Gap

This option allows you to insert a blank gap between each word. Some may find this helps them move from one word to the next more comfortably, with a small 'break' in between. The gap will affect the text delay, and with or without it you may need to reset the speed for optimal reading.


You can also manually operate Look by clicking the right arrow on the screen, or the right arrow on the keyboard, this will move onto the next word. To go back a word click on the left arrow.

Text & Background Colours

You have a choice of text and background colours. The selected colour has a red ring around it.

If you wish to change the colours, your choices will be displayed on the screen.

Below, the background has been changed to blue and the text yellow.

You may find that different combinations of background colour and text make the words clearer to read, but you may also need to go back and readjust your previous settings.

Icons & Keyboard Commands

  • Icons = images you can click on screen with your mouse
  • Key = Keys on your keyboard

Close Settings then Start!

Quick Tip

One parent told us that their child, who preferred to manually move the words along using the arrow keys, struggled with the fine motor skills needed to use the mouse, and lost focus when trying to find the correct key on a cluttered keyboard. This parent purchased an inexpensive second keyboard for their child, and stuck self-adhesive Velcro onto the forward and backwards keys (soft side for forwards, rough side for backwards, image below). This way the child did not have to move their visual attention away from the screen. Also, the keyboard can be plugged into any computer or laptop, so can be used at home and school.

LOOK was upgraded in June 2020 and a new function was added to 'Save Settings' for future use. The instructions for the new settings are on the next page.

Click here to start using Look now.


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