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This page contains instructions to use COOL Games. For information about the purpose of COOL Games please read the COOL Games Information Page.

Before playing COOL Games with children affected by CVI, please read these brief instructions, and have a play yourself, to familiarise yourself with the different games and using the voice recognition software.

System Requirements

COOL Games uses speech recognition, so requires the device you are using to have a microphone, which is standard on most modern devices.

Google Chrome
COOL Games use Google speech recognition software, which runs on Google Chrome. Google Chrome, if not already installed, can be downloaded for free onto most computers including Macs. Currently tablets and smartphones are not supported. When using the link to COOL Games for the first time, if Google Chrome is not already installed on your device, you should automatically be directed to a link to download it.


The environment, as is always the case when working with those affected by CVI, needs to be clear, uncluttered, quiet and distraction free. If using on a desktop computer, ensure the wider desk area, including behind the desk, is clear. If using on a portable device (laptop) be mindful that the clearer and quieter the environment, the more effective COOL Games will be.

Consider any visual field issues, and ensure the screen is in a part of the person's visual field where they see most clearly.

Take your time, many with CVI need more time to process things.

COOL Games Homepage

COOL Games homepageCOOL Games homepage

The homepage has an option of three different sets of games.

Please review the COOL Games Information Page to understand which set of games is most suitable.

To access the games, click on the chosen button.

Colour Concept Games

Colour Concept GamesColour Concept Games

The colour concept games have been very carefully developed and need to be followed in order (as explained in the COOL Games Information Page).

There is a great deal of repetition in these games, to build and reinforce new pathways of understanding. Within each game are ten images (this is the case for all games in COOL Games), with a question:

The answer is Sky Blue, but the game has been programmed to accept a number of answers:

  • sky blue
  • blue sky
  • blue

The voice recognition sometimes does not recognise a correct answer, particularly where it may be said too fast, with a strong accent or not clearly. This is where it is important to have fun, and with the child you are helping, support them, you try to say it too, laugh when the voice recognition comes up with strange answers as to what it thought you said! All the time, you are repeating the that sky is blue, and reinforcing the understanding of the concept of colour.

If you get really stuck, just skip to the next image, by clicking on skip.

At the end, the results will be recorded on a results page:

Colour Naming Games & Object Naming Games

Colour Naming GamesColour Naming Games

Object Naming GamesObject Naming Games

Both the colour and object naming games follow the same process as the colour concept games, where an image is shown with a prompt question. Some images are very clear, others are in everyday settings. If the person does not obviously understand, talk them through the image, for example, in Object Naming Games / Transport is this image:

The answer is simply 'train' but if the child does not know it is a train, talk through the whole image with them, slowly, what are they looking at (which may not be what you are looking at)? Ask them to describe it - is it the white stuff they may have experienced? Well that is snow, and you can talk about the snow too. And then something else has a name.

In the section there are other trains, they can look quite different, from steam trains to local commuter trains to bullet trains! The answer for all is simply 'train'.

Regional Variations

We have tried to factor common regional variations and abbreviations, for example:

  • lorry / truck
  • cup / mug
  • coach / bus
  • bike / bicycle
  • aeroplane / plane
  • helicopter / chopper

We will add to these.

To finish a game at any point just click 'end game', this will take you to the results page, and at the bottom of that page click 'start new game' to get back to the COOL Games homepage.

Voice Recognition Software Frustration!
The voice recognition software is from Google, so we have no control over it. We know from our own testing that some of the words we think we are saying clearly are simply not picked up. Key is to make this a fun element of the game. If after a few attempts the word still isn't registering, just skip it, and make a mental note to add it as a correct answer to the results page.

All names learnt or being learnt, need to be reinforced by being repeated in everyday real situations, as explained in the COOL Games Information Page.

Link to COOL Games homepage.


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