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You only need to look at topics relevant to your child.You only need to look at topics relevant to your child.

March 2022: This section is currently under review and is due to be updated shortly.

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Understanding 'negative' terms from your child's perspective.

In this section we are going to use words that describe behaviours in typical children and adults, including:

distracted, clumsy, lacking social skills, sad, fighting, frightened, obsessive

We are using these words because their meanings are well known, making them easy to identify.

We know these words are quite negative, and for that reason we do not think they are good words to describe children with CVI. We use them because we want to make this information as accessible as possible - but - we are aiming to explain why a child's completely reasonable and understandable behaviours, might be seen in such a negative way.

In the subsections (click on the links below) we have explained the behaviours from the point of view of the child with CVI who has no language. This way we can show the difference between what something may look like, e.g. a clumsy child, and what it may feel like to your child with CVI, in order to explain their behaviours, so you can help them.

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