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Published: 22/02/2019, 12:14am | Updated: 15/03/2019, 6:12am

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Welcome to our talks.

These lessons are structured so that anyone, with any background, can learn to understand the cerebral visual impairments (CVI or CVIs).

Rather than starting with vision, we are going to start with the brain, because without a basic understanding of the seeing brain, and the basics of how it works, nothing else we are trying to explain will make sense.

Your brain is like a huge orchestra, and when working well and in time, it can create beautiful music.

But... it only takes one instrument to be a bit flat or out of time, to have a knock-on effect onto everything else.
But... sometimes it is difficult to find out which instrument is causing the problems, when all the rest are playing in the same key and with the same timing.

When thinking of your brain as an orchestra, around 40% of the instruments would be dedicated to creating your vision.

We are going to take you on a brain tour, and once we've explained the basics, we'll introduce you to the many different processes that come together to create what you see.

Then, we are going to show you how to learn to imagine and experience the unique world of the person affected by their unique combination of CVIs. Once you can truly imagine, and so, experience their world, you will be able to understand what approaches are needed to make their life better, and to help them learn and develop.

It is a fascinating journey, but take your time, and only move on to the next talk when you're ready.

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