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Before moving on to Level 2, please review the full checklist from Level 1:

  • You know what part of the brain the cerebrum is
  • You can name all four of the lobes and know where they are located
  • You know the difference between cortical (from cortex) and cerebral (from cerebrum)
  • You understand the difference between your inside world and the outside world.
  • You understand that your visual world has many different elements to it.
  • You know what your occipital lobes create in terms of your visual world.
  • You know some of the other elements that are part of your visual world that are not created in your occipital lobes
  • You know the location of the posterior parietal lobes in relation to the occipital lobes
  • You understand the difference between the image (produced in the occipital lobes) and the three-dimensional image, after depth has been added.
  • You know what visual attention helps you do (we will explain much more about this in future lessons)
  • You understand the difference between the area MT (middle temporal) and the middle temporal gyrus.
  • You understand that movement is processed and added to the image in MT.
  • You know the location of the temporal lobes
  • You know most of your memories are stored in your temporal lobes, in sections.
  • You know that the left and right temporal lobes tend to store different types of memories, and broadly how they are different.
  • You understand the difference between the conscious areas of the brain, and areas you have no conscious control over.
  • You know which of the lobes is conscious.
  • You are developing an understanding of how the different areas of the brain work together and support each other.

Next lesson: Level 2a How The Brain Learns - Introduction

Congratulations on completing level 1.Congratulations on completing level 1.


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