The term ’visual processing difficulties’ has very little meaning  without a ‘What?’ and a ‘Why?’

Visual Processing Difficulties: What?

The term 'visual processing difficulties' cover all aspects of vision through the brain, including:

  • seeing things clearly
  • telling shades and colours apart
  • recognising faces
  • reading letters and words
  • understanding facial expressions and body language
  • recognising shapes
  • judging distances
  • moving about and reaching for things accurately
  • and many many many more...

Visual Processing Difficulties: Why?

The many 'visual processing difficulties' can occur for many different reasons; here are just a few of the causes:

  • alcohol and some drugs and medications
  • tiredness
  • ocular visual impairments (when not corrected)
  • the many different brain related impairments of vision
  • noise
  • clutter
  • stress, anger, anxiety and any heightened emotional state, including excitement.
  • and many many many more

...with or without an underlying causative visual brain disorder.

Without explaining what the visual processing difficulties are, and why they happen, the term 'Visual Processing Difficulties' only means that those affected don't see so well.


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