SmartSight Visual Acuity Tool

This free visual acuity tool is useful to get a sense of how a person's reduced visual acuity affects what things look like.

We call this skill, learning to see the world as the person with CVIs does, learning to see as others see (see section CVI Pathway, learning to see from inside to out).

If you, or someone you know is affected by the CVIs, including reduced visual acuity, you can click on their measurement, and see how a bus, busy road and airport terminal may look to them. Simulations are available for the different ways of measuring visual acuity. Things you may take for granted as visible, may be less clear or not visible for the person with CVI.

Remember many people with CVI are affected by more than one of the CVIs, so in addition to reduced visual acuity (if a factor), you must also consider the visual effects of the other known individual cerebral visual impairments in combination, to learn to see their world - from inside to out.

For further information on visual acuity and other CVIs please visit our What Is CVI? Understand sections.

SmartSight Visual Acuity Tool


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