Prof Barry Kran’s CVI Webinar for ORBIS

This webinar has been written and presented by Professor Barry Kran from New England College of Optometry, Boston USA & Clinical Director, New England Eye Perkins Low Vision Clinic.

The Lecture is 'An Overview of Cerebral Visual Impairment' and was presented to Eye Care Professionals internationally, through the non-profit organisation Cybersight, which is a part of the organisation Orbis International. Eye care professionals from over thirty countries attended the live webinar, and it is now a popular global resource. Orbis is an international organisation, bringing together eye care professionals, setting up many initiatives to help reach the many millions of people affected by visual impairments throughout the world.

Quoting from the Cybersight website:

The goal of this live webinar is to ... stimulate eye care providers to take on the challenge of appreciating and diagnosing the range of individuals with CVI and to work within their communities to assure appropriate approaches to habilitation are provided

from Cybersight website

The webinar has really useful slides, with images, diagrams, links and resources, and uses case studies. It is quite technical, as it is aimed at eye care professionals including optometrists and orthoptists. However Professor Kran explains each element of his talk very clearly, making the information both easy to follow and enjoyable to learn from.

Click here to view 'An Overview of Cerebral Visual Impairment'

Professor Kran has also written a Guest Blog for CVI Scotland, explaining the role of optometrists.

Professor Barry Kran


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