BBC CVI Documentary ’Not In Plain Sight’

This half hour documentary looks at CVI in different people, including an affected adult, a profoundly affected young child and young people where their condition went unknown and undiagnosed in their early childhood, explaining the considerable challenges they face. In addition to people affected by CVI are interviews with:

  • Professor Gordon Dutton, a CVI expert
  • Dr Cathy Williams who runs the CVI Project (a nationally funded research project seeking out unidentified CVI in mainstream schools children)
  • Dr Isobel Hay, a Paediatrician with expert understanding of CVI.

This short documentary shows CVI:

  • across different ages and abilities
  • in those affected from birth or where CVI was acquired
  • in those who lived with CVI where it was unknown or not understood, or where the difficulties were attributed to a different condition.

We think this documentary is relevant to everyone affected by CVI.

BBC Scotland's Documentary on CVI 'Not In Plain Sight'Video Link:


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