Dr Amanda Lueck CVI ’Root-Causes’

This film is part of a series called Conversations About CVI presented by Professor John Ravenscroft from the University of Edinburgh. Dr Amanda Lueck, an educator from the USA who is expert in CVI, explains really well a point that has caused confusion for some, around the differences between cerebral visual impairments (CVIs) and the difficulties they can cause. The CVIs are the separate, medically diagnosable, brain based visual impairments. The CVIs are explained in this video as the root-causes of visual difficulties, that lead to the outcomes that we see, namely the resulting behaviours.

Different people from different areas use the umbrella terms cortical, cerebral, neurological and brain based visual impairment for this group of medically diagnosable brain based visual impairments (explained in Newsletter 17 Cerebral or Cortical?). Whatever umbrella term you prefer, the root-causes for each affected individual need to be understood, because the same difficulties can have different causes, different root-causes.

Different CVIs causing the same difficulty, like recognising something or someone, can require different approaches, sometimes opposite approaches where some need things bigger and others need things smaller. The root-causes matter, and can mean the difference between successful learning or inappropriate approaches that can actually make life more difficult.

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