Dr Linda Lawrence - Early Intervention (Babies with Low Vision)

US Paediatric Ophthalmologist Dr Linda Lawrence gives a talk to empower parents to seek as much information as possible when it comes to understanding their child's vision, especially with very young pre-verbal children and complex non-verbal children.

Some points we felt were particularly well explained in her talk:

  • The confusion between vision function and functional vision.
  • Early development milestones associated with vision
  • Delayed Visual Maturation (DVM), is a retrospective diagnosis, because you don't know it's delayed until the visual matures.
  • Different tests to understand how clearly a child sees, and where visual acuity and contrast sensitivity fit in.
  • Showing that any child can be visually assessed, including premature babies born at 30-32 weeks and profoundly disabled non-verbal children.
  • That information relating to typically developing children is not appropriate for children who have developmental challenges.
  • The importance of testing children for glasses and having suitable spectacles that fit and are comfortable.

A child cannot learn visually from what is not perceivable to them, so all elements of their vision need to be assessed, and understood, so they can be catered for.

Not all people assessing vision in pre-verbal babies and infants, and non-verbal children have Dr Lawrence's experience and skills. So this video can be shared if appropriate.

Early Intervention Today with pediatric ophthalmologist Dr. Linda Lawrence Perkins 38th Annual ECC (Early Connections Conference)Video Link:


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