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Without our being aware of it, our brains brilliantly piece together all the information coming in from our senses, vision, hearing, touch, taste and smell. What we can see and hear covers an enormous number of different perceptions, all of which are constantly changing yet all neatly sewn together. This process lets you know where you are, and where and what things are.

What if your brain could not do this so well? What if your mind processed only one thing at a time?

Composer David Wallace, listened to accounts from people with CVI and their carers, and created this extraordinary piece for CVI Art. Close your eyes to listen to it.

Many with CVI can't look and listen at the same time. They have difficulties understanding and making sense of busy crowded places. Imagine the calm, tranquility and peace that quiet, and familiar places can bring.

Kaleidoscope 1, sound only - close your eyes and listen.University of EdinburghVideo Link:

Composer David Wallace writes:
Kaleidoscope1 forms part of a projected triptych of works that aims to shed light on the lived experience of CVI. Through manipulating real world sounds the listener experiences a kaleidoscope of sound that is both familiar and disorientating. Throughout the work a buried Irish tune comes in and out of focus forming a musical thread that helps to give the music structure beyond mere noise.

David WallaceDavid WallaceImage Credit: Anna Barratt Photography

University of EdinburghVideo Link:

his CVIArts project was facilitated by Professor John Ravenscroft, Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Fellow (2021-22) University of Edinburgh.


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