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"The Healing Power of Art"
Christopher Bailey

Christopher Bailey. the Arts and Health Lead at the World Health Organisition (WHO) talks openly and honestly about his own journey with deteriorating vision due to a condition of the eyes called glaucoma. Soon after diagnosis he had a dream where he walked into a room and the light had gone out and then the door disappeared.

He describes visual hallucinations, where his mind fills the gaps with things he knows can't be there, and experiencing the world as like seeing through a "slightly soiled lace curtain".

Christopher Bailey learnt to focus on his gains living with a visual impairment rather than losses, and is a passionate advocate for the 'healing power of art'.

University of EdinburghVideo Link:

Christopher Bailey
Christopher Bailey is the Arts and Health Lead at the World Health Organisation. His innovative program focuses on the research agenda on the health benefits of the arts, effective practice especially in resource poor settings in WHO priority areas, engaging the global media and entertainment industries, and policy makers for evidence informed investment in arts for health. Educated at Oxford and Columbia Universities as well as the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Christopher Bailey brings a unique blend of science, health and artistic knowledge and practice to the field. In addition to his program work, his speaking and performance abilities are in high demand. His collaboration with the Museum of Modern Art, reflecting on Monet's Water Lillies was seen by over 180,000 viewers in the first 48 hours of its posting, and his unique approach to how the arts can support our physical, mental and social wellbeing is reaching beyond the arts and health communities to a wide section of the general public.

Christopher Bailey's talk followed the artist Alfie Fox's video at the CVI Art Exhibition, and this piece is referred to several times. Click here to view it.

This CVIArts project was facilitated by Professor John Ravenscroft, Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Fellow (2021-22) University of Edinburgh.


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