CVI Art - Gordon Dutton, CVI Academic

This video has three parts:

Part 1 0.00 - 12.09
A brief introduction and ten-minute video created for this presentation, simulating the effects of four common elements of CVI:

  • loss of clarity
  • loss of contrast
  • lower visual field impairment
  • the amount seen in cluttered and uncluttered environments

Part 2 12.09 - 16.40
Gordon Dutton reads out a poem about approaches a person can take to help a child with cerebral visual impairment.

Part 3 16.40 - 20.54 (end)
Answering a question, he briefly explains what we are learning about the dynamic nature of CVI as shown in the featured video, and how it can be both worsened and improved.

Gordon Dutton explains the experimental nature of the ten minute video which: not a fact, it's not in books, it's not in papers, it's what we've experienced over and over again by listening closely to the many hundreds of people that we've seen who've been able to explain what it is they see.

Gordon Dutton
University of EdinburghVideo Link:
University of EdinburghVideo Link:

The video in Gordon Dutton's film can be found on our CVI-SIM page, with an explanation of the project and other videos showing the experience of different CVIs, as explained by adults with CVI.

The poem from this video can be found on the CVI Society website.

This CVIArts project was facilitated by Professor John Ravenscroft, Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Fellow (2021-22) University of Edinburgh.


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