CVI Art - Synchronicity

Combining the art of Alfie Fox with the music of David Wallace.

These two separate installations, created for the CVI Art Exhibition in November 2021, blend together beautifully.

Film by Alfie Fox. Composition by David Wallace. For CVIArtUniversity of EdinburghVideo Link:

This combined piece is just a little bit magical. At the end of the CVI Art exhibition, an adult with CVI told us 'put together Alfie's art with David's composition and you've got it'. So we did just that.

The two pieces might not feel like they line up in terms of content to people who do not have CVI - what is a train doing inside a room? Those of us who do not have CVI need to stop thinking about how things align and make sense in our minds, and be open to an interpretation of the world experienced very differently. Recognising what is seen and what is heard requires consistent brain processes most take for granted, but many with CVI struggle with this, meaning not only are things not learnt or learning is delayed, but things are not always remembered in the right place, so a sound inside a room could very easily be mistaken for a train.

Join us on this incredible journey and immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of an extraordinary world, a CVI world.

Alfie Fox's film for CVI Art was exactly half the length of David Wallace's composition, so it plays at half speed.

Many thanks to both artists have consented to joining their work in this way.

This CVIArts project was facilitated by Professor John Ravenscroft, Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Fellow (2021-22) University of Edinburgh.


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