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How to reduce the speed on You Tube

How to reduce the speed on You Tube

Some with CVI benefit from movement being slower. When things move too fast they can become non visible, which can make understanding more difficult, and in some circumstances can be frightening (things as they slow down may suddenly become visible and leap out). This may well be the same for sounds, and when things are heard too fast, information is lost. Gordon Dutton considers this in his Blog 11.

YouTube has a facility to watch the films or clips at a slower speed. It might be useful if the person with CVI has a favourite programme or show, to see if they react differently when watching and listening at a slower speed. You might also want to try seeing how the person with CVI responds to watching it on the reduced sized screed. If they seem to respond positively to the smaller screen it may be that they have reduced visual attention. See our simultanagnosia spectrum sections for more information.

How to reduce the speed on YouTube:

1. Open the film you want to watch and click on the 'settings' icon (red arrow).

2. Click on 'Speed'

3. Click on desired speed, maybe experiment starting with 0.75

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