Mealtimes:  Dislike of Gravy / Custard / Sauce and Overlapping of Food

Mealtimes: Dislike of Gravy / Custard / Sauce and Overlapping of Food


  • Dislike and often refusal to eat food with a covering of custard or gravy.
  • Dislike and often refusal to eat food on a plate if the portions of say meat potato and vegetables overlap or are too close to one another.

Associated with:

Presumed Reason:

  • The food looks unappetising because...
  • Overlap of food makes each item impossible to see and inaccessible


Parents have told us that serving the food items / custard / gravy...

  • Separately on the plate,
  • On a plate with compartments, or
  • Separately one after another...

can be a good way to deal with this.

The distance of separation of course, has to be greater than the measured line thickness / visual acuity needed to see the items as separate.

A plate with compartments allows the separation to be felt.


  • None


There can be lots of other reasons for not choosing to eat food. Atypical vision is just one.


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