Isaac Lidsky TED Talk

Isaac Lidsky TED Talk

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This short TED film 'What reality are you creating for yourself?' is inspiring viewing.

Isaac Lidsky, who starred in the US show 'Saved By the Bell' lost his vision, but explains how "blindness gave me vision".

An interesting question was asked at the end, around communicating within the organisation Isaac built up. There is no expected ability to read facial expressions or body language, due to visual impairments, so everyone is used to simply saying what they think, and everyone is clear as to where they stand.

How many of us have experienced crossed-wires or mixed-messages due to incorrectly interpreting what might have been a completely innocent shrug or expression. We hear it in the work place and from our children in schools. Interpreting body language and facial expressions can be challenging, confusing and easily misinterpreted, even without visual impairment.

Maybe operating in an environment where everyone simply says what they feel needs to be encouraged, not only around everyone with visual impairments, but in all walks of life?


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