Neuroplasticity Film

Neuroplasticity Film

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Find nine minutes to watch this wonderful film featuring Australian, Andrew Short who has cerebral palsy.

What Andrew shows us is that the brain can change throughout life, not just in early childhood.

We have also seen this through the work we have featured of artist Steve Hollingsworth and VI teacher Suzanne Little (case-study Ali in the Balint Syndrome section). Steve worked with Ben, a young adult. Suzanne worked with Ali, a teenager. Both Ben and Ali had profound disabilities and quadriplegic cerebral palsy, but through Steve and Suzanne's work, both learned to use their hands and arms for the first time.

Scientists have discovered a lot about the human brain, but this knowledge may be a drop in the ocean, compared to the secrets it has yet to reveal. The plasticity of the brain, and its ability to continue to develop, now appears beyond dispute.

Feed the brain and it will develop, however the challenge is getting the formula right, as Steve achieved using art to motivate, and Suzanne achieved through the elimination of clutter and through colour.

From what we have learnt about people who have shared their successful developmental experiences with us, we understand a simple formula may help:

You need to control your disability or it will control you.

Andrew Short

Motivation is key!

Click here for more information about Andrew's journey.


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