Dr Amanda Lueck’s CVI Film for Perkins School (USA)

Dr Amanda Lueck's CVI Film for Perkins School (USA)

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Dr Amanda Lueck is a USA expert in the education of children with CVI, and has a distinguished career as both a researcher and professor (see Amanda Lueck's profile from Perkins School here)

This twenty minute film, made by Perkins School for the Blind (USA), provides a clear and concise explanation of the key areas needed to understand CVI.

Amanda starts by considering the difference between what are referred to in the USA as cortical visual impairments and cerebral visual impairments, and goes on to explain the main elements of cerebral visual impairment, including how the dorsal and ventral streams in the brain, work to bring about vision.

Amanda emphasises the importance of having a unique approach for each child, and that she is always first led by the child, and then uses her knowledge and expertise to help the child, and using testing kits where necessary to gain greater understanding of the nature and limitations of the child's vision.


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