3D Rotating CVI Brain Pathways

3D Rotating CVI Brain Pathways

The Laboratory for Visual NeuroplasticityVideo Link:

This is an extraordinary 13 second film showing two brains rotating, one typical and the other with CVI. The film starts with a standard structural MRI showing the grey matter of the two brains, and then switches to a different type of imaging called HARDI which allows for the white matter pathways of the two brains to be reconstructed.

Pause the film at 10 seconds. Look at the right hand brain (with CVI). The mass of connections on the left hand side is in the occipital lobes. The two bottom mostly green lines are the pathways from the occipital lobes to the temporal lobes on the left and right side of the brain (the bottom one to the right and the one above it to the left). These are the ventral streams. The upper green lines, connecting the occipital lobes to the parietal lobes are the dorsal streams. The tiny number of lines on the right are the very few that have made it as far as the frontal lobes, the conscious decision making and controlling part of our brains.

Now think about processing, and what we might mean by single channel processing as opposed to multiple channel processing. Please read Gordon Dutton's Blog 18 which relates directly to these images, and our introduction and link to the full paper explaining this profoundly important study.

More information on these images can be found on the researchers website.

The Laboratory for Visual Neuroplasticity, Harvard Medical SchoolThe Laboratory for Visual Neuroplasticity, Harvard Medical School


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