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Visual Function & Brain Wiring in CVI (open)

Study: Understanding the link between visual function and brain "wiring" in Cortical / Cerebral Visual Impairment (CVI)

Closing Date: Project still enrolling participants

Participant Details:

  • Country USA (New England, Northeast region)
  • Age 14 years old and up
  • Participants must have a visual impairment consistent with a diagnosis of CVI.

Participant Requirements:

Please note the degree of participation depends on the comfort of the individual. So participation in all parts of the study is not compulsory.

  • 1. Visual function testing using virtual reality and eye tracking measures (at laboratory, approximately 1 hour of testing time).
  • 2. MRI Head Scanning (at the hospital scanning facility, approximately 2-4 hours of testing time)

Compensation is provided according to the time spent (relating to the level of participation possible). Local travel and parking expenses are covered. Please inquire if you are located outside the New England area regarding travel support.

Individual and final study results will be shared with participating families.

Purpose of Study:

  • 1. Using virtual reality and eye tracking technology, we are looking to characterize factors associated with processing complex visual scenes such as locating an object or an individual in a complex visual scene. Using this approach, we can identify factors that are associated with and affect visual cognitive task performance, explore approaches to environmental modification, and potentially develop training strategies to enhance visual performance.
  • 2. Using modern noninvasive brain imaging technology, we are looking at brain connections and activity in people with CVI to learn how it may be different from other forms of visual impairment. With this technology, we can see which areas and pathways in the brain are most affected by early developmental injury.

The information collected during this study is crucial to future development of new targeted teaching and learning approaches and strategies, needed to enhance future developmental opportunities for individuals with CVI.

The Laboratory for Visual Neuroplasticity, Massachusetts Eye & Ear Infirmary, Harvard Medical School
Principal Investigator: Lotfi B. Merabet, OD PhD MPH

Emma Bailin (Laboratory study coordinator) email:
phone: (617) 573-3794

For further information please visit:
laboratory website at:
Follow us on FaceBook:
CVI Neuroplasticity Research Group

Study pamphlet

To view this pamphlet full-size on the researchers website please click here.

Formal ethical approval for this study has been obtained (Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, Harvard Medical School)

The Laboratory for Visual Neuroplasticity, Harvard Medical School


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