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We wanted to let you know about three new films, which are freely available on our website.

One is a fifty minute explanation of vision and cerebral visual impairments from world CVI expert Professor Gordon Dutton. The second is from CVI Scotland trustee and popular blogger Nicola McDowell, who has CVI. The third is from CVI Scotland trustee and mother to a child with CVI, Helen St Clair Tracy.

The three films bring together three important different perspectives of CVI.

  • 1. The perspective and advice of the expert.
  • 2. The perspective of the person living with CVI
  • 3. The perspective of the person caring for someone living with CVI

We think these are insightful and informative, and would be enormously helpful to everyone involved with CVI in any capacity.

Please do feel free to share the films.

Best wishes,

The CVI Scotland Team

CVI Scotland would like to thank the Scottish charity Visibility, who not only hosted the CVI Information Day (for families) where the talks took place, but funded the production and editing costs, and agreed the films would be available no cost.

In this issue...

  • Gordon Dutton's Talk
  • Nicola McDowell's Talk
  • Helen St Clair Tracy's Talk

Gordon Dutton's Talk

Gordon Dutton provides a comprehensive introduction into vision and cerebral visual impairments, explained in a way that is easy to understand.

Nicola McDowell's Talk

Nicola has been living with CVI for over twenty years, seventeen of which she was unaware she had the condition. Nicola talks about her world, with many helpful suggestions both for those affected by CVI and those supporting them.

Helen St Clair Tracy's Talk

Helen has a son with CVI. Helen explains her journey of trying to understand her son, moving from ignorance, to learning to see her son's world, and with that vision, change his world.


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