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LOOK Upgrade


With LOOK you can now save your text, the place in your text you have read up to, and your settings.

What is LOOK?

Look is a free on-line reading tool we developed, with multiple functions and settings, designed to make reading easier for people with CVI.

There are many reasons reading may be difficult if you have CVI, and it is not just a problem for children learning to read. Older people can start to lose their ability to read because of CVI, due to many brain altering conditions including stroke, dementia and multiple sclerosis.

A main feature of LOOK is reading without the challenges of crowding and clutter. The screen has been designed so that only a single word (if desired) is visible at a time, in the centre of the screen. When reading, all other screen options fade, meaning there is less for your brain to map, so you gain more ability to concentrate on reading - and reading is a very complicated process...reading is busy work for your brain.

The best thing to do is to have a play with LOOK, getting to know the different settings and options and what works best for you or the person you support with CVI.

If it is useful to have more than one document on LOOK, you can also save multiple pages under a single email address but with with different passwords. This may be useful for a child using LOOK to help with their schoolwork across many different subjects. Their passwords could reflect that, for example 'comprehension' 'history' 'French'. Using LOOK you can copy up to 10,000 words into each document you save.

Of course you can just have one page on LOOK, personalised with your settings and text, saved to your email address and single password. If you do use many pages, think of a way you can remember your passwords. Remembering passwords can be difficult for people with CVI, and from our team discussions for many of us without CVI too! Use LOOK in the way that works best for you.

At the end of this email are a number of links about LOOK and CVI and Literacy for more information.

We would be interested in your feedback if you, or someone you support uses LOOK. Please email us at As a small team we can't guarantee we can reply to all emails, but we would definitely factor your experiences and suggestions into future developments.

We hope you enjoy using LOOK.

Best wishes

The CVI Scotland Team

PS Everything new can be found in our Updates section, and via Twitter @scotlandcvi and our Facebook page.

In this issue...

  • LOOK Save Settings Instructions
  • What Is LOOK?
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  • Newsletter 18
  • Newsletter LOOK Reading Tool

LOOK Save Settings Instructions

Instructions to use the new settingsInstructions to use the new settings

What Is LOOK?

Page explaining what LOOK is with links to other pages of information.Page explaining what LOOK is with links to other pages of information.

Use LOOK Now!

Link to use LOOKLink to use LOOK

Newsletter 18

Looking at CVI & literacy with links to many further resources.Looking at CVI & literacy with links to many further resources.

Newsletter LOOK Reading Tool

Original newsletter launching LOOK from 2017.Original newsletter launching LOOK from 2017.


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