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Newsletter 33 - Text-Book Website


’Text-Book’ Website

We have changed our homepage to make our website easier to understand, get around, and of course, find what you are looking for...even if you are not quite sure what you are looking for.

Many websites dedicated to vision services are used to serve a combination of important purposes, including how to make appointments, directions for support, sales of specialist equipment and books, and to promote services etc.

Our website is different.

We do one thing, which is to explain CVI as well as we can.

The website was created to be used like a book. In fact it was originally discussed as a book, but we decided back in 2016 that we would reach more people if it was a website.


New Homepage

The homepage has had a complete make-over, and we now have three clear book images to click on, to access our reference library of pages addressing the complex question What Is CVI?


Just like at the beginning of a book, this is a full contents list, organised by section, showing every page. All the pages are connected, so you just have to click on the page you want, to select it.

A-Z Index

Like a cookery book, if you want to look something up by name, for example Neuroplasticity, then click on the word, and the pages across the website that include the word ’neuroplasticity’ are listed. The list is ordered so the pages with the most references are at the top, and on each page, the word is highlighted in yellow so it is easy to spot. If the word you are looking for is not in the A-Z Index, try the search box, which searches the website in the same way, but any word can be used.

Search Box

The search function has been updated and now covers the whole website.


Throughout the website you will notice a number of words coloured dark red. These are words in our growing on-line glossary. If you hover over a red word, a question mark will come up, and if you click on the word, a pop-up box will give a short lay-definition of the word, just like in a glossary in a book, but it’s easier as you don’t have to leave your page. Some words have additional full definitions.

Website Tours

There is a new, quick (three and a half minute) website tour, from the homepage to show you around, including the new features. We plan to add more website tours around specific areas of interest.


The Lessons are now fully listed in order. We are currently editing the recently filmed final lessons and are looking forward to sharing these with you soon.

Why Change Things?

CVI Scotland continues to grow, and now has over six hundred pages. In addition to our content, we are also providing a small base for other projects, including the University of Edinburgh’s CVI-ART project, and soon, the Austin Assessment, a new app in development from colleagues in New Zealand, to test visual perception difficulties.

We are approaching 90,000 users and every month thousands of visitors come to our website for the first time.

Our visitors include adults and children, people from different professions, people who speak different languages, and those who have different literacy abilities and learning styles. We know that many have visual impairments due to the eyes, brain and both, covering a plethora of visual needs, plus many other learning and accessibility considerations.

Our visitors are a wonderfully diverse group, and we want everyone to feel welcome, and importantly, find what they are looking for.

Simplicity is key. We needed to make it simpler.

We know there is always more we can do, but hope you find these changes helpful.

Thank you for your patience whilst we have been making these changes and apologies for any disruption to access whilst the changes were being installed.

Best wishes

The CVI Scotland Team

PS Everything new can be found in our Updates section, and via Twitter @scotlandcvi and our Facebook page. 

In this issue:

  • New Homepage
  • Contents
  • A-Z Index
  • Glossary
  • Lessons 

New Homepage

Screen shot of a homepage with three books.
Check out our new homepage, if a free 3 minutes, click on the Quick Website Tour and let Gordon Dutton show you around.


screenshot of a contents page, listing all the different pages on the website.
For the first time, a full website contents list, just like you would find at the beginning of a book, linking to every page, organised by section.

A-Z Index

Screenshot of an A-Z index.
Just like at the back of a book, where you can look up a word alphabetically, and as it’s on-line, just click on it and all the pages featuring that word will be listed, in order of prominence. You can also search using any word in the search box.


Screenshot of website page showing glossary pop-up box.
If you have not used it, give it a go. Hover over any red word and click when the question mark comes up, to access the on-line glossary.


Screenshot of lessons section page, listing all the lessons in order.
Now fully listed in order.


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