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We are thrilled to share the first of what will be a series of films, showing how vision is likely to be altered due to the CVIs called dorsal stream dysfunction (DSD), which is particularly common amongst children with CVI.

Below is a link to a page explaining the process and including a link to the video. There is also a link just to the video, which includes a short introduction from CVI expert from St Andrews University, ophthalmologist Dr Andrew Blaikie.

We know, because we see all the viewing statistics, that many of you will just watch the video. For you, we asked people with DSD to look at some films and tell us what they could see. Then we compared it to typical vision, and asked a computer studies student to create a way to show that.

What is clear is how incredibly dynamic this type of CVI appears to be.


How much can be seen, from consistent descriptions, appears to increase and decrease, like a tunnel that opens and closes.

The ranges can be huge, from almost typical vision, to nothing being recognisable, from one moment to the next.

With this understanding we learn about the huge challenges, but also the incredible opportunities to maximise the visual world of those affected by DSD, which is likely to be most children with CVI.

Unlike other visual impairments, by making basic changes, without any cost, we should be able to help the person see more, it is as simple as that.

This work also links in with Gordon Dutton's latest blog where he explains how visual memories can support the person with CVI, where their DSD challenges make reaching for things and finding things very difficult. A bit like ventral opportunities balancing dorsal challenges!

We will be bring you more films showing different environments over the next weeks and months.

If you do watch the film and find it interesting, please take the time to read the short explanatory page. Talking to able adults affected by DSD we are gaining fascinating new insights into this incredibly complex condition.

This work was a partnership between CVI Scotland and the University of St Andrews Schools of Medicine and Computer Science. On behalf of the CVI community we are extremely grateful for all their ongoing hard work.

Best wishes

The CVI Scotland Team

PS Everything new can be found in our Updates section, and via Twitter @scotlandcvi and our Facebook page.

In this issue...

  • Dorsal Stream Dysfunction CVI Experience
  • Dorsal Stream Dysfunction Simulation Film
  • Gordon Dutton's Blog 27

Dorsal Stream Dysfunction CVI Experience

Page from University of St Andrews School of Medicine explaining the process of making the films and what they have shown us. Includes fascinating accounts of what affected able adults shared and described.

Dorsal Stream Dysfunction Simulation Film

The film, with a short introduction from Dr Andrew Blaikie, aiming to show how vision may be altered according to DSD, compared to typical vision.

Gordon Dutton's Blog 27


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