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Issue 15 - 24 January 2019

Hi Helen,

We have been a bit quiet for the last couple of months. This is mainly because we have been very busy writing for a new section on the website simply called Lessons. Each lesson is short and simple, and organised into levels. Our aim is to provide a free learning resource for anyone, from any background, to learn about CVIs, through structured organised lessons, learning one step at a time. Our advisor Gordon Dutton presents a bite-size film incorporated into each lesson. We are aiming to launch the first three levels in early spring 2019.

But that is not all we've been up to. At CVI Scotland we work collaboratively with many organisations, here in Scotland, across the UK and internationally. We work particularly closely with our sister charity the CVI Society, and in November, our Trustee, Helen St Clair Tracy, presented a workshop on CVIs and Behaviours, how they arise, and what can be done to help affected people. Gordon Dutton was the keynote speaker, and ended his talk with a beautiful poem, about the condition he has dedicated his career and retirement to, including the verse:

We know now quite well that the brain can adapt
But can only do this if it's readied
By learning the steps, each one at a time
So the process of learning is steadied

And the lessons we are writing follow this approach, learning one step at a time, "so the process of learning is steadied".

We are also great friends with and fans of the work of the CVI Project. Based in Bristol, England, as a nationally funded research programme, they are looking at how many children in schools may have unknown CVIs. The CVI Project has recently released a survey they would like people in the UK and Eire - parents, carers and professionals - to complete before 4 February - they need your input from your experience. The survey can be found at the CVI Project link below.

We also discovered a little gem - a webinar written and presented by our friend Professor Barry Kran from the USA. The webinar was written for the international eyecare charity Orbis, and had an audience covering thirty countries. It was written for eye care professionals, so is quite technical, but every stage is really well explained, and easy to follow. Step by step learning!

We wish you the very best for 2019, and know it is going to be an extremely exciting year for the CVI world.

Best wishes

The CVI Scotland Team

PS Everything new can be found in our Updates section, and via Twitter @scotlandcvi and our Facebook Page.

In this issue...

  • Talk: CVI & Behaviours
  • Gordon Dutton's Poem
  • CVI Project - Survey
  • CVI Project - Website
  • Barry Kran's CVI Webinar
  • Nicola McDowell's Blog 21

Talk: CVI & Behaviours

Helen St Clair Tracy's talk from the CVI Society Convention in November 2018.

Gordon Dutton's Poem

Poem written by Gordon Dutton, read at the CVI Society Convection in November 2018

CVI Project - Survey

Link to survey CVI project would like parents, carers and professionals in UK & Eire to complete , before 4 February - please share.

CVI Project - Website

Link to the website explaining the incredible research project this group are working on.

Barry Kran's CVI Webinar

Link to webinar written for Orbis, explaining CVIs for eye care professionals.

Nicola McDowell's Blog 21

Nicola explains how, it wasn't until she understood her disability, that she was able to stop feeling disabled, and start feeling normal.


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