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  • Accessibility Statement
    Information on how we have made our website more accessible.
  • Playground Playing Case Study
    Access - example of how a playground was made accessible for a child with CVI who can now play independently with the other children
  • Terms and Conditions of Use
    Our website terms and conditions of use.
  • Nicola McDowell’s Blog (10)
    Nicola is finding copying from the classroom board very difficult, and is struggling with work on giant A3 pages in large font.
  • Issue 6 Matching Approaches to Difficulties
    Newsletter 6 sent to mailing list on 8 November 2017.
  • Professor John Ravenscroft’s Blog
    Professor John Ravenscroft celebrates the wide, difficult, complex and extraordinary role of the teacher of pupils with visual impairments.
  • Covid-19 VI in Education Report
    Introduction and link to report, from Northern Ireland vision charity Angel Eyes, on the impact Covid-19 has had on learning, for children with visual impairments.
  • Reading Case Study
    real example showing why a child with CVI couldn’t read, and what was successfully implemented to help her learn.
  • Story-time Case Study
    real example explaining why one child with CVI did not enjoy the experience of stories being told to her, and what changed so that now she loves it.
  • Pick & Mix, Wheelchair Users - Labels
    Link to alphabetical list of the labels used to describe learning, behavioural and developmental difficulties in children with CVI, and what they mean, with introduction specifically for wheelchair users.
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