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  • 7d - Apraxia of Gaze
    CVI Scotland’s Lessons Level 7d CVIs Movement and Dorsal, Apraxia of Gaze
  • Balint Syndrome
    Balint Syndrome is the most severe form of dorsal stream dysfunction.
  • Newsletter 20 Facial Recognition
    Newsletter 20 considering which of the different CVIs affect facial recognition, emailed to subscribers 28 August 2019.
  • Issue 2 Smaller is Easier
    Copy of our second newsletter, sent out on 24 April 2017.
  • Issue 3 Balint Syndrome
    Newsletter covering recently added sections on Balint Syndrome and Zoom In Zip Up Zoom Out. Introduction to the new CVI Autism Team and sharing Gordon Dutton and Nicola McDowell’s blogs.
  • Newsletter: CVI Lessons
    Newsletter about new lessons, emailed to subscribers on 24th February 2020.
  • Horse Riding
    A look at why so many with CVI enjoy horse riding so much, and the benefits.
  • 1. Reduced Visual Search
    Explaining what reduced visual search means and the challenges created.
  • CVI Screening Questions Paper
    Link to publication comparing different CVI screening questionnaires.
  • Posterior Parietal Visual Dysfunction Paper
    Publication explaining the role of the posterior parietal lobes, featuring several different case studies to build understanding.
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