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We have found 27 results across our website for keyword ‘Auditory - Cerebral Auditory Impairment’ — we have listed these below, ordered by best to least relevant match.

  • Cerebral Auditory Impairment
    Considering the effects CVI can have on hearing and processing sounds.
  • Issue 4 19 June 2017
    Newsletter Issue 4 June 2017, discussing CVI and noise / sound processing, support in schools, horse riding, and that to understand CVI requires time, work and commitment.
  • CVI Autism Team Blog 2
    Considering why some children with CVI develop autistic behaviours, looking at their first year.
  • Emotions
    considering how cvi affects emotional development and the ability to understand the emotions of others.
  • Attention & Its Calibration
    Attention is calibrated to help us attend to what is important and not be distracted by what is not. CVI can have a huge impact on this calibration process.
  • Gordon Dutton’s Blog (11)
    Gordon Dutton considers challenges children with CVI may have in relation to understanding and locating sounds, and asks the question "Could cerebral visual impairment be associated with cerebral auditory impairment too?"
  • Cerebral Auditory Impairment
    Feature considering the impact CVI can have on hearing and processing sounds.
  • Gordon Dutton’s Blog 15
    Gordon Dutton explains an approach using small steps to enable remarkable learning developments in those with CVI.
  • Amelia - Becoming An Independent Teenager
    Wonderful account from a mother, matching support to her daughters actual needs, and quite literally opening up the world to her.
  • Not Looking to Listen (1)
    Behaviour of needing to NOT look to listen, which is often misunderstood as not being interested, or even being rude.


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