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  • CVI Classifications
    Simple system of classification as CVI is found in high functioning and profoundly learning delayed people.
  • Learning at Home
    The greatest learning opportunities come from the home, here we explain how to create a wonderfully nourishing learning environment for the person with CVI at home.
  • CVI Meltdowns
    The extreme behavioural effects of CVI .
  • Simultanagnosia Spectrum Gallery of Case Studies
    Introduction to our gallery of images showing some alternative experiences from people living with simultanagnostic vision.
  • Balint Syndrome
    Balint Syndrome is the most severe form of dorsal stream dysfunction.
  • School Support
    Experience school as a child with CVI might, to understand the challenges they face, to make the changes they need.
  • Home: Learning - CVI Severely Learning Delayed
    Looking at creating optimal learning opportunities for people with CVI and severe learning challenges, at home, with practical examples and suggestions.
  • Image: Shopping
    People affected by simultanagnostic vision describe their experience of shopping in a busy supermarket.
  • Image: Learning
    People affected by simultanagnostic vision describe their classroom experiences.
  • Image: Socialising
    People affected by simultanagnostic vision describe the experience of socialising.
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