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  • CVI Meltdowns
    The extreme behavioural effects of CVI .
  • Clutter
    Section describing the negative impact of clutter on all aspects of the life of the person with CVI, and simple inexpensive suggestions to help.
  • Safe Places
    The important need for those with CVI to feel safe and protected.
  • Nicola McDowells’ Blog (28) Time To Make Progress
    An end of year blog from Nicola McDowell, combining both frustrations and fighting spirit - it’s time to make progress!
  • A Corona Blog
    From self isolation, Nicola shares her perspective of those affected by CVI in these times of change and worry, with valuable advice.
  • Newsletter 26 CVI, Language & Learning
    Newsletter 26, emailed to subscribers 13 October 2020. Sam experiences the world one thing at a time, which has affected her understanding of language, making learning more difficult.
  • Newsletter 28 CVI Clusters
    Newsletter 28 explaining how much more we need to learn about the underlying brain processes affecting vision, and important processes, which can be frustrating for some. Emailed to subscribers 11 Jan 2021.
  • Nicola McDowell’s Blog (14) Safe places
    Nicola’s blog considers the importance of her safe space, somewhere to retreat to, but at what cost?
  • Corona, Change and CVI
    Newsletter about how huge changes due to the Conona virus can be particularly challenging for people with CVI, and very simple measures to help.
  • Optic Ataxia
    Explaining inaccurate visual guidance of reach, called optic ataxia.
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