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  • CVI Pathway Introduction
    An introduction to the CVI Pathway, helping create individualised understanding of a particular person affected by cvi
  • Issue 9 Cause or Behaviour?
    Newsletter 8 sent 27 February 2018, if your answer to a question is ’because of CVI’ it is likely you are missing a lot about CVI.
  • Facial Recognition Paper
    Introduction to a paper considering the reasons why some people are unable to recognise faces.
  • Object Recognition Paper
    Introduction to a paper about the challenges some children with CVI have recognising objects, and why that might be.
  • CVI v OVI & Neuroplasticity Paper
    Introduction and link to important paper with fascinating images, considering the difference CVI and OVI make to key pathways of the brain, and what this may mean.
  • Issue 5 Riddoch
    Newsletter number five, explaining how we must be a learning community.
  • Brain Reorganisation Paper
    Introduction to an amazing paper reporting on a child who, following brain surgery, showed that the brain seems to have an incredible capacity to reorganise itself.
  • Case Study 2 Amelia’s Great Climb
    Considering the needs of Amelia, who has issues with her cerebellar, lower visual field impairment and dorsal stream dysfunction, and how, one day, she climbed higher than everyone else.
  • CVI Pathway Case Study 2 Amelia’s Great Climb
    Looking through a child’s eyes, with what we know about her CVI and other relevant factors, to see what we can learn.
  • Introduction
    Introduction to understanding the basic concepts and terms used to explain cerebral visual impairments CVI.
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